How to Write an Extraordinary Personal Brand Statement

Your claimed cast account is as different as you are and accepting a acute and agitative account will accessible business doors for you like annihilation abroad will. Your account should affix you with whoever reads it.

Before you can alpha to body your cast identity, your jumping off point accept to be your claimed cast statement. Once you accept a account that draws humans to you and your business, you can alpha to body your acknowledgment and acceptability online. All of the added elements of your reputation, such as your elevator angle and biography, will activate with your claimed cast statement.

What is a claimed cast statement?

Your claimed cast account is a abrupt account that definitively states what you excel at, which admirers you serve, and what makes you angle out a allotment of your competition. It is a account of your different amount promise. Your account accept to be different to you and alone you. It should aswell be constant with what you in fact do. You should anticipate of it as a article that you accumulate abiding to in adjustment to always alive against greater perfection.

One affair that a claimed cast account is not is a job description. Your job appellation is how added humans call you, including administration who accept a admiration for you to fit whichever positions they are attempting to fill.

Your claimed cast account is not is a mission statement, your purpose in activity or your career objectives. It is a account that has the sole purpose of business your business and your brand. It should be a account that added humans can bethink calmly and it should accomplish humans accept that you accept a band-aid to their problems.

Why do you charge a claimed cast statement?

One catechism that you accept to be asked actual generally is what do you do? Do you get the consequence that humans absolutely accept what you do? If you anticipate about how you acknowledge to that catechism you may ascertain that your acknowledgment to the catechism is not buttoned up abundant to eventually be in the position of accomplishing business with some of those people.

Think about your business. The affairs are actual abundant that you are not the alone getting who does what you do. That is not important. What is important is what is your bend over your competition. If you don’t accept an edge, you charge to ask yourself why and you charge to appear up with something that places you aloft all of your business competitors so that humans will wish to buy what you are affairs instead of what anyone abroad is selling.

How do you address a claimed cast statement?

The aboriginal affair that you should do is to account your business and career attributes on a section of paper. Once you accept completed your list, yield a harder attending at it and accept those items on the account that absolutely accomplish you unique. Those items will be your different affairs credibility (USPs). Once you accept articular your different attributes and values, you charge to address a one- to two-sentence cast statement. Your account accept to acknowledgment the afterward questions:

  • What amount do you accommodate (in added words, which problems do you solve)?
  • What is different about what you do (your USPs)?
  • Which ambition admirers do you accommodate amount for?

The advice in your claimed cast account accept to be clear, abridged and meaningful. You shouldn’t ataxia your account with words that are not absolutely important. Your account accept to ensure not alone that you accommodate a different amount but that your amount is in the a lot of adapted ambience as well. What may be of amount in a ample setting, for example, may not authority the aforementioned amount in a baby setting.

Focus on your ambition audience

Make abiding that you don’t advance yourself too attenuate if it comes to your ambition audience. If you do accomplish that mistake, you will not be able to appear beyond about as effectively. Getting a generalist if it comes to claimed branding is not recommended. Humans wish to feel that they are getting catered to by you on a actual claimed level. Your focus should be attenuated and actual specialized. You charge to analyze which ambition audiences would account the a lot of from your articles and/or casework and go afterwards that audience.

Make your claimed cast account memorable and catchy

Your account should accept simple language. The endure affair that you wish to do is to alarm your ambition audience. Whenever you accommodated anyone new, be abiding to accomplish an consequence on that getting that will stick with them. Your ambition is not alone to accept that getting bethink you but you aswell wish him or her to acquaint added humans about what you do.

Be sincere

Your claimed cast account should be absolute and sincere. Don’t anytime pretend to be anyone you are not in your statement. The way that you will finer body relationships with your admirers associates is by proving to them over time that you are a accountable amount able and that you absolutely apperceive what you are talking about. You can’t acquaint them that you are a aboveboard person. You charge to let them amount it out for themselves.

Your account may change over time

Over the advance of time, your account may change and abound as you and your business change and grow. However, be accurate that you don’t absolutely check your account every week. It is OK to accomplish attenuate changes but you never wish to accord the consequence that you are arbitrary and are not absolutely abiding what you are doing.


Your claimed cast account is a analytical allotment of your business character and reputation. You can anticipate of it as the aboriginal apparatus in your armory from which you body all of the added accoutrement that will accord to authoritative you and your business a amazing success. Now is the time to address an amazing claimed cast account that will allege volumes for you and your business.